Gretchen for Lowndes
    Gretchen Quarterman
for Lowndes County Commission

Gretchen Quarterman for Lowndes County Commission

I ask for your vote for County Commission District 5, for opportunity, stewardship, and transparency in Lowndes County.

I have been listening to citizens around the county express their frustrations about local government responsiveness and I understand that people want their elected officials to take a stand on behalf of the citizens.

Standing up for property rights includes opposing an unnecessary pipeline and being smart about development. No private company should be able to come in here and take people's land for no local benefit. Our community has a foundation in agriculture and we need farmers and farmland just as we need roads and subdivisions. Stewardship is an important part of economic development.

Local government needs to remember its purpose is to provide services for its people, unlike a business, which is for profit. I will never suggest charging for a library card.

I'm for fast, affordable Internet access to promote the local economy and education, for solar power for jobs and lower electricity bills, and for making Lowndes County even more of a health care destination.

Our County Commission and local boards and authorities need to be transparent and accountable to the people who pay for them. That includes agendas, minutes, and agenda packets online. For years I have videoed local government meetings and put them on YouTube for everyone to see. It's time for our county government to do that itself for its own citizens.

I have actively promoted local agriculture by volunteering at the County Extension office, selling vegetables at the Valdosta Farm Days Farmer's Market and I recently chaired the South Georgia Growing Local conference in January. Local food: it's local business and it tastes good!

Please elect Gretchen Quarterman to Lowndes County Commission District 5, for transparency, stewardship, and opportunity. I will be a voice of the voters in district 5.

Two years ago I ran for County Commission (material from that campaign can be found here).

The same issues still need to be dealt with, plus some new ones in the same categories.

This time, with your help, I can win, to represent you.

Press Release, March 12th, 2014.